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With the blessings and support of SHRI SHIRDI SAIBABA, we present SHRI SHIRDI SAIBABA FORUM - SAI-KA-AANGAN.ORG

The Forum is fully dedicated for the spiritual renaissance movement which encompasses a wide range of spiritual activities. Keeping "SHRADHA & SABURI" ( the Twin Principles of FAITH & Patience of SHIRDI SAIBABA) in mind, we reach and bring to you SHIRDI SAIBABA's Messages & Teachings.Our mission in "SAI-KA-AANGAN.ORG" is to provide a smooth environment to gather,worship,pray,share views and dilemmas with one & all.

This adventure is a vision of SHRI SAI to move ahead towards spirituality,encompassing  ALL religions,nationalities & people from all walks of life. Needless to say, this is not to compete with or to defeat anybody.In this beautiful virtual temple,We DO NOT accept any type of donations, solicitations, personal or commercial advertisings etc.

However,we will be thankful for your valuable suggestions and opinions for the improvement of this Online SHIRDI SAIBABA TEMPLE (Mandir).This is pure & humble 'Sai Service' without any expectations or anticipations.

We Welcome you to join & be a part of one of the biggest (& growing!)  ONLINE SHIRDI SAIBABA Communities on the Web!

Thanks & Regards!
OM SRI SAI NATHAYA NAMAH. Dear Visitor, Please Join our Forum and be a part of Sai Family to share your experiences & Sai Leelas with the whole world. JAI SAI RAM

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